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Cambria nursery and Florist


APRIL 20 & 21 Earth Day Festival

May 11th Mothers Day Weekend

June 8th & 9th Enchanted Fairy Festival

July 6th Freedom to grow festival 


"The greatest danger to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it"

Robert Swan

Artist Bio

All About Central Coast Seaweed Pressing

Sam Baker is a fifth generation Central Coast Native with an unwavering love and appreciation for the ocean. Her fascination with seaweed started at a very young age. San Simeon beach was a very special place where Sam spent most of her time as a child collecting shells and beautiful unique pieces of seaweed. Also her great grandfather Jack Greer was the fish and game manager for Hearst Castle for 23 years! Sam’s journey officially started when her daughter asked her one day if they could collect and make seaweed art. Through much trial and error, she discovered how to press and preserve their unique charm and it was then and there that Central Coast Seaweed Pressing was born. With much hard work and dedication Sam is excited to finally share this creative experience with you. From beautiful wall art to unique pendants there’s nothing she can’t do. The ocean has lead her on a humbling journey that continues to inspire and fuel her passion each and every day. As Sam would say

“Stay ocean minded.”


All Seaweed was collected on the Central Coast between Los Osos and Big Sur. I only use seaweed that has
become unattached from
the rocks and washed ashore.
Always remember to be mindful
when foraging for seaweed! Never hand pick seaweed from the ocean! Treat seaweed with the same respect you would
plants and trees of the forest,
taking no more than you need
and respecting them as food. Seaweed is extremely vital to our ecosystem and new species are still being discovered

To this day!


Hello my name is sam feel free to email me with any questions or market inquiries!


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